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Hector Berlioz Youth European Orchestra

The Hector Berlioz Youth European Orchestra offers to young pre-professional musicians a unique opportunity to follow a high standard orchestral training course on period instruments, and provides them a professional experience under brilliant musicians.

The JOEHB was founded in 2009 by the Festival Berlioz, with a view to providing an orchestral training course unique in Europe for young musicians. It is in line with Hector Berlioz’ own project of revolutionising the orchestral rules.
The JOEHB proposes two preparatory rehearsal sessions with the section principals of Les Siècles, one in Paris and one in La Côte-Saint-André (Isère, France). The students then attend tutti rehearsals under the direction of the internationally renowned maestro François-Xavier Roth. For the final rehearsals and for a concert, the students are joined by more musicians from Les Siècles. Students are offered the opportunity to explore in depth the interpretation of the French romantic repertoire on period instruments, and to approach new aspects of their future job.
One of the JOEHB’s goals is to provide a stepping stone into the orchestral profession.

Conditions for participation
The course costs 1,300€ per student, however these charges are mostly covered*.
Offered :
- Pedagogical costs - for both sessions
- Accomodation and meals in la Côte-Saint-André - August session
- Transport from Lyon Saint-Exupéry to la Côte-Saint-André. The Festival Berlioz provides a bus for the rides between Lyon Saint-Exupéry and la Côte-Saint-André. - August session
- Access to the concerts of the festival (within the limit of places available) - August session
Remaining to the student’s charge :
- Transport to and from Lyon Saint Exupéry station (August session)
- Transport to and from Paris (June session)
- Accomodation and meals ONLY in Paris (June session)

*The training fees are taken into charge totally or partly by :
> JOEHB partner training organisations (Pôles supérieurs, conservatoires etc.)
> the JOEHB fellowship established by the Festival Berlioz / AIDA (Agence Iséroise de Diffusion Artistique)

An extended training to support students in the building of their professional career

In addition to the orchestral work, the JOEHB proposes workshops that will help the students in building their professional portfolios :

A musicology workshop about the French romantic repertoire, focusing on Berlioz’ music : presentation by Bruno Messina, director of the festival and professor at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMD), assisted by musicologists specialists of Berlioz and historically justified interpretation (conferences, masterclasses with soloists, guided visit of the Hector Berlioz Museum...).

A workshop on administrative issues a professional musician has to deal with : presentation by Enrique Thérain, administrator of the orchestra Les Siècles, on the contracts, the way permanent orchestras work, the forms requested for international tours (A1 form), tools to manage a musician’s diary, how to contact professionals of the musical field...

A workshop on music education programmes, which aims to prepare the musicians to the socio-pedagogical workshops they will have to lead when part of professional ensembles. This workshop is proposed by Agathe Dignac, in charge of pedagogy for the orchestra Les Siècles.

> for strings : modern or romantic bows, gut strings mandatory*
> for winds and percussions : see with tutors (contact details on request)

All musicians must come with the required material
* Due to the financial implications, low gut strings for the celli and basses are not compulsory and where possible will be loaned by section principals, please state if you will need this.

The JOEHB is a training offered by the Festival Berlioz. The festival is organised by the AIDA (Agence Iséroise de Diffusion Artistique / Artistic Diffusion Agency of Isère), public establishment of cultural cooperation, mainly subsidised by the Conseil général of Isère.

General Director Bruno Messina

For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us :
joehb aida38.fr

About the training course

Dates - 2015
June 13th-20th in Paris, Philarmonie or August 15th-21st 2015, La Côte-Saint-André (Isère)

With François-Xavier Roth and the musicians of the orchestra Les Siècles, specialists in the interpretation of the 19th century repertoire, on period instruments
A training course offered by the Festival Berlioz, La Côte-Saint-André, Isère, France

Training and Orchestra
Each of these training session is followed by a concert with more musicians from Les Siècles. For the August session, the concert is part of the Festival Berlioz in la Côte-Saint-André.

About the candidates

From 18 to 30 years old

Eligible musicians
Students from European Conservatoires/Colleges of music. Also those studying at university.
Auditions may be held depending on numbers of applications and orchestral section.

joehb aida38.fr

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Festival Berlioz 2011 : François-Xavier Roth dirige le JOEHB
©Gérard Gay-Perret
JPEG - 421.7 ko
31 août 2014, La Damnation de Faust
©Delphine Warin/Festival Berlioz
JPEG - 503.9 ko
31 août 2014, La Damnation de Faust
©Delphine Warin/Festival Berlioz
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Jeune Orchestre Européen Hector Berlioz
©Gérard Gay-Perret
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23 août 2013 : Béatrice et Bénédict au Château Louis XI
©Gérard Gay-Perret